The perfect tool to press where you can’t reach

Especially for those places that are hard to reach, the Back Buddy helps you to quickly and easily treat your own trigger points and release muscle tension. Press on tight muscles until they release, without breaking your thumb. When you have no-one to dig into the tight spots on your back, the Back Buddy is exactly what you need. Strong, lightweight and versatile, this therapy device is one of the best self-massage tools available and recommended by medical professionals, physiotherapists, and chiropractors worldwide.

“This device is amazing, I love it. I’ve been struggling with a pain coming from under my shoulder blades for months and within a few goes, its so much better. Thank you!”

Dominique – Moorabin, VIC

Massage important trigger points

The Back Buddy has two different point-shapes and a variety of point-spacing to address different areas of your body. Whether you’re recovering from a workout, dealing with ongoing tightness, or simply wanting to improve your well-being, the BackBuddy is your next best friend.

So it looks a bit weird, but this guy has got my back all the way. It is so cool to be able to get out of pain when I’ve done too much at the gym. I used to use a tennis ball but the Back Buddy makes it so much easier, and it’s more accurate too. The best present I’ve ever been given!

Malcom – Nedlands, WA

Be your own therapist

For less than the price of a massage, the Back Buddy is a tool you can use every time your body needs attention. No appointment necessary, just find the trigger point and apply pressure until it releases. This puts you in control, exactly the right amount of pressure, the right spot, and before the symptoms get any worse. Most people find the tightness is recurring, like after a workout, sitting in front of the computer all day, or one too many piggy back rides. Whatever the cause, you don’t have to wait for the problem to go away, or hope that it comes right on its own–you can be your own Mr Fixit! Knowledge is power once you have the tool.

Which one works best?

Forget the corner of the countertop, the door frame, the bed post, or the creatively-arranged dining chair. And don’t even think about bribing someone for their elbow. Only you can apply exactly the right amount of pressure, in exactly the right spot, every time. With 11 points and 2 different shapes–round or pointy, there is not a tight muscle that can’t be reached with the Back Buddy. (Don’t forget the handles, they are really useful too for applying pressure.) The I-beam design makes the tool at least 3x stronger and more rigid than similar cylinder designs like the Thera-Cane. The 11 specially-engineered points are strategically placed to provide and extremely versatile, multifaceted treatment tool for relieving pain, tension and stress anywhere in your body.

Muscle knots used to be very frustrating but since my massage therapist recommended the Back Buddy, I’ve saved myself a lot of grief. Highly recommend!

Chantelle – Redcliffe, QLD

How does it work?

So how does it work? Leading researchers in the field of fascia (the body’s connective tissue network that holds everything in place) have found that this little-known substance is extremely strong and found in and around every cell of our body. It is capable of conducting electrical impulses and mechanical force because it is a liquid-crystalline material. In the ideal environment, the fascia is flowing like liquid. Under stress, the fascia becomes gritty, or gristly, as it crystallises. Therefore, the best way to release tightness and tension in our body, is to apply pressure to the knots or gristly bits–known as ‘trigger points’ because the usually trap a nerve that refers–and wait for the fascia to melt, release and return to its naturally, healthy, fluid state. What could be simpler?